segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2016

Great Gear

The greatest value of certain words is their money despondency.
All dilettante is a disposition on obstinacy
cradling a free messianic tone
full of verses walking without shoes.
A Persona does not sell,
the Persona is concerned with the change.
Intrigues system often with an empty stomach,
worried about a seal within
a fully philatelic society.
The Great Gear works with broken parts.
A tiny myopia seems to compromise the body:
permanent housing produces
and fails, like any other machine.
Vision gives equality to detail.
This is the physical mechanism generating specialists
by defect,
perpetuating the gap in the mill
that only individual abstraction is able to correct.
All poetry is a glass of Western water.
Should calm the spiritual thirst of their children,
governed in the public service provided by democracy
and protection for marginalized thinkers.
When the system evolves through death.
There’s the face of certain poets on marketing,
to finally be sold against their will;
to be read against teenage will
and remain
hatred inert characters

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